Die Waage (The weighing scale)

So ein Haushalt ist voll von allen möglichen Geräten für die unmöglichsten Verwendungszwecke. Wenn der normale Mitteleuropäer ein Nomade wäre, hätte er so richtig was zu tun, wenn es zu neuen Weidegründen geht.

(Such an household has so many different kinds of appliances for every use you could think of. If a normal European would be a nomad, he would fail in reaching his pasture grounds.)


„Oh, my weight is only 600 grams.“

Geduldiges Angeln (Patience in fishing)

Heute gebe ich euch Einblick in die Lebenswelt der Inuit, in ihren harten Kampf ums Überleben…

(Today I will give you the opportunity to gain insight in the living environment of the Inuit and their merciless struggle for survival.)

„Hello. Today I will show you how fishing is done in my Nordic home.“

„You have to be very patient while catching fishes from ice holes.“


„It might take hours and hours until a fish bites. „


„I really don’t know what’s going on here. Normally in this area angling success is guaranteed and to my knowledge fishes absolutely love wood worms as bait.“